Special Collections

Approved March, 2009

Revised Spring, 2018


“Churches need to create a climate in which charitable giving is the hallmark of a life well lived. Being a generous person or family is one of life’s great privileges.

Creating this attitude is primary -– the church’s operating budget is secondary.”

–Michael Durall, The Almost Church 

UUFD shall take nine special collections each church year. One Sunday in each of the following months shall be designated for a special collection: September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April, and May. The Social Justice & Outreach Ministry committee shall work with the Worship committee to select appropriate dates.

When special collections are taken, all cash and designated checks shall go to the special collection; checks from pledging members and friends written to UUFD with no memo shall be considered pledges.

All recipients of special collections must have non-profit status. Of the nine special collections, three shall be local organizations, one shall be the UUFD WE Panry,  one shall be a UU affiliated organization, and four shall be open category. One of the open category collections may be reserved for emergency relief as needed, with an alternate organization designated in the event that no emergencies occur during the church year.

Nominations for recipients of special collections shall be solicited from the congregation annually in the spring for the following church year. Nominations shall include name and description of the organization, verification of non-profit status, and a member statement that explains how the organization exemplifies UU principles.

The Social Justice Committee shall research the nominated organizations, select appropriate recipients of special collections in consultation with the minister, and submit the list to the Board for approval by June 1 of each year. The congregation shall be informed of collection recipients each year in UUFD media and publications. Exact dates for collections shall be publicized at least a month in advance with the possible exception of emergency collections.