Stewardship Pledge Form

When you are considering how much to pledge, remember that pledges make up the majority of our budget revenue. We need to raise over $1000 per member in order to keep functioning. We understand that some people cannot give this much, while others will give more; in general we suggest between 3-5% of income as a pledge. Those with low incomes may only be able to give a little; those with higher incomes may be able to give more. However, even if you can only give a little, please do! Your pledge represents your commitment to UUFD, and in return UUFD has a commitment to you. We are a congregation of people who are committed to help each other and our community; every contribution is important.

To pledge on-line, fill out this form and click "Submit" at the bottom of the page. To submit your pledge form off-line, download and print this form by clicking the PDF link below, then send or bring it to the UUFD Church Office or place it in the Sunday Collection Basket.

Enter the fiscal year for which you are pledging. Fiscal years go from July 1 - June 30. eg. 2019-2020
You'll get an email from the church office to confirm your exact pledge amount. Have questions? Contact Remember, office hours are Wednesdays 9-2 and Fridays 10-3.