Choir Rehearsals and Performances

Elisa Woodruff, UUCD Music Director

 The UUCD Music Program is built on principles of inclusion, strengths-building, and mutual encouragement. There are no auditions for participation in our musical programming, and people with all abilities, skills, and backgrounds are welcome.  Anyone who interested in volunteerting their musical talents, either vocal or instrumental, to UUFD worship services and other UUFD musical events  should contact the  UUFD Music Director, Elisa Woodruff at

 Choir Rehearsals and Performances for October, 2023 to February, 2024

 Please plan to attend our next choir rehearsals the next two Sundays 10/8 and 10/15 at 8:45am for a performance on 10/15

  Looking forward, please also put the following dates in your calendars for choir rehearsals/performances. Note that the November dates are slightly different than originally published in the Worship Associate Calendar....

  •  11/5 rehearsal for 11/12 performance. I had planned to do a new piece "In Paradise" with the RE kids in honor of All Saints, but the piece is on backorder. Its unison, so it's all about the words and phrasing. That said, if we don't get it in time, I have an idea for another original arrangement -- a song I've always wanted to do and never had a reason. Stay tuned.
  • 12/3 and 12/17 rehearsals for the Winter Holiday Service on 12/24. Hopefully we can get enough rehearsal in those two days (with previews during other rehearsals in the fall) that we will not need an extra evening rehearsal this year, but we are performing ALL new music, so that is TBD. Again stay tuned.
  • 1/7/24 rehearsal for a 1/14/24 performance in honor of MLK Day. We will be doing a choral arrangement of U2's "MLK". It's short and "simple" but also kinda hard. Very cool though. I'm soooo looking forward to it.
  • 2/18/24 rehearsal for a 2/25/24 performance to commemorate the International Transgender Day of Remembrance. Hopefully we will be doing an original choral piece by a contemporary transgender-identified composer. Still trying to get ahold of them, as they have been smart enough to do their own publishing/distribution.... Very hopeful it works out!!

 Okay, that's all for now. Please try to sing or hum a little each day to build breath support, endurance, and confidence. I will write the arrangement for the October piece sometime this week and plan to see you Sunday!!

mUUsically yours,

Director of Music Program


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