Social Justice Candles

Social Justice Candle Guidelines for Volunteers

1. Please have your Social Justice Candle Reading prepared and typed out in advance of the service at which it is to be read.

2. Make your reading brief and focused, no longer than a double-spaced single sheet of paper using a 14 pt. font.

3. Identify a social justice issue in a way that informs and educates.Make it a reminder of our calling to social justice ministry globally and/or locally. End the reading with hope, challenge, or uplift. 

4. Include joys and well as concerns about the issue you have chosen.

5. Present your readiing from the sanctuary podium at a comfortable and clear speaking pace, about one to three minutes.

6. There is to be no more than one Social Justice reading per service. Please consult with the Worship Associate Committee Chair to confirm the date of your reading. 

7. If you wish, you can send an e-copy of your Social Justice Reading to the Office Manager ( so that it will be included in our Social Justice Candle Archive on the UUFD website.

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