Social Justice Candle - November 16, 2014

Social Justice Candle, November 16, 2014

By Kristina Olsen

Hunger is an issue that continues to plague millions of people across the globe. The most effective methods of solving this problem have eluded us. We have raised money to purchase food for the hungry. But what happens when the food runs out or is left to spoil on the docks?

One group has found a way to create sustainable food and income for poor communities in underdeveloped areas of the world. I received in my mailbox this week a small red catalog. The title read ‘The Most Important Gift Catalog in the World’. Heifer International has created a way for individuals and communities to make a lasting impact on food insecure communities across the world.

In this catalog we can choose to give a gift of a flock of chickens or geese, goats, pigs, rabbits, cows and a host of other possibilities. With a gift like this a community can raise food producing animals, breed them for sale, or sell their eggs, milk, and honey.

This holiday season my family will be giving a flock of chicks to people who are in need of lasting assistance. Giveamanafishandyoufeedhimforaday;teachamantofishandyoufeedhimforalifetime.


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