Minister's Welcome

Dear UUFD,

I offer you joy-filled greetings. I’m very excited to be your interim minister. Before accepting this position, I learned as much as possible about you. I spoke to your search committee and board and explored your website. You are doing important, transformative work with each other and in the community. I’m delighted to be joining you on the journey.

We are all going through significant transitions - individually, communally, locally, nationally, and internationally. UUFD is adjusting to the retirement of your first minister and all that loss entails after her 26 years of service. Nationally, in Charlottesville and elsewhere, we are reeling from the overt and terrifying displays of racism and anger in our country. This is a time when we need one another, when we need to continue to answer the call of love together.

I will be away next week at our Unitarian Universalist Transitional Ministry Training, strengthening my ability to assist and support your congregation in this time. If you need pastoral support in this time, please do not hesitate to email me at Even as I am away, we can speak by phone or arrange a time to connect face-to-face when I return from the training. I look forward to meeting all of you in person in September.

In Hope,

Rev. Jennifer Gray

(August 18, 2017)