Our Actions

Our work enriches our ability to love, respect, and nurture each other in our lifelong spiritual quests.  Together we are learning how our lives and histories come from different places of privilege, oppression, power, and vulnerability.  Together we seek involvement in congregational and community issues that promote social justice. 

Watch this video to learn why UU's think that social justice work is religious:


Together we create safe opportunities and fair structures for sharing diverse ideas, listen attentively to appreciate fully another’s perspective, and respect tradition and embrace change as the needs of our community change.  We support two well known mottos: 

We will stay at the table.

We need not think alike, in order to love alike.

Among the local and national groups we actively support are:  Unitarian Universalist  Service Committee, DeKalb County Community Gardens, Welcome Café & Community Kitchen, DeKalb Interfaith Network, CROP Hunger Walk DeKalb, Hope Haven Homeless Shelter, Safe Passage Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault, Teach Girls Global, as well as two local women's singing groups, Bread & Roses and Cymbal