Congregational Meeting

Draft of Agenda

Save the date for our Congregational Meeting on May 31, following a short service at 10 a.m. We hope to have this meeting in person, but we will use a Zoom meeting if the shelter-in-place order is still in place. Keep an eye on the e-News, website and Facebook pages for more details as the date approaches!

Our agenda will include important discussions and decisions, such as:

 Budget: We will vote on the annual budget for the 2020-21 fiscal year.

 Board positions: We will vote on new board members to fill rotating positions, including Secretary and President Elect.

 Proposed change to the bylaws: Because UUFD member ship has grown smaller in recent years, the board is proposing a change to the UUFD bylaws.

 To make the board smaller by one person. We propose to have only one at-large board member instead of two, for a total of six board members (instead of the current seven).

 We propose to revise Article VII of our bylaws (available online at to reflect this change. This simply requires the following minor changes to the language:

 Change “At-Large Trustees” to “At-Large Trustee” in VII.1 and VII.2.b.

 Change VII.2.b, from “The positions of Secretary, Treasurer, and At-Large Trustees are two-year terms. These terms are staggered so that only two of these positions expire during a church year.” To read: “The positions of Secretary, Treasurer, and At-Large Trustee are two-year terms. These terms are staggered so that no more than two of these positions expire during a church year.”

Why does the board propose this change? We have a wonderful culture of volunteerism, but many people in our small congregation are stretched thin already because many are serving in so many ways. Did you know that someone cannot serve on the board at the same time as serving on the ministry council or serving as a committee co-chair? With 7 board members, 4 ministry council members, and approximately 10-15 committee chairs, this is a lot of leadership for a congregation with about 65 signed members. We believe making the board slightly smaller will make it easier to fill leadership positions while still maintaining a responsible and responsive governing board. Have questions? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Board President Jenny Stamatakos or any of the other board members. We encourage your participation, questions, and feedback!

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