Spirit Journey Deepening Group

Currently on Hiatus:

UUFD Spirit Journey Deepening Group

based on the Soul Matters UU congregational themes.  

Our Spirit Journey Group  is a group of 8-12 people who gather once each month, from September though June, for about 90 minutes each time. The group engages with the spiritual theme selected for each month, sharing the work and thinking the participants have been doing on the theme over the first three weeks of the month, learning, supporting and connecting with each other, and growing in faith and community. The sessions are led by a trained facilitator. Spirit Journey Groups are the best way to engage the conversation we are having as a group of UU congregations and to meet other Unitarian Universalists.  

The theme packets that will guide each month's discussions are posted in the Adult Lifelong Learning section by the beginning of the month designated for each theme. Click here to view available packets

When: The Spirit Journey Group is currently on hiatus.  Please contact the church office if you are interested in joining when the group returns.

To find out more about the group:  E-mail office@uufdekalb.org, or call 815-756-7089, or contact Rev. Linda Slabon

2015-2016  Monthly Themes

September: Invitation (Welcome)

October: Letting Go (Surrender)

November: Ancestry (Roots)

December: Expectation (Promise)

January: Resistance (Struggle)

February: Desire (Wanting)

March: Liberation (Freedom)

April: Creation

May: Blessing

June: Simplicity