Nominating Committee

UUFD Nominating Committee Policy

Responsibilities, Policy, & Procedure

Chair: Past President

3 Members, Elected at Nov. Congregational Meeting

Last Updated Fall 2016



The Nominating Committee identifies, solicits, informs, and nominates candidates for the UUFD Board of Trustees.  The slate of potential candidates is presented and voted upon at the May Congregational Meeting each year.


Criteria for Board Nominees:

  • Be a signed member of UUFD for at least 1 year.
  • Have fulfilled their pledge for the year preceding the nomination, and have pledged for the current year.  Individual circumstances shall be considered by the committee if the nominee was unable to complete payment for the previous year.
  • Is active in at least one ministry committee at UUFD and participates in decisions and performs the work or tasks of that ministry. The committee will make this determination.
  • Has attended Sunday services on a regular basis.  This is defined as attending an average of at least once per month.



There is a brief general description of Board Positions on the UUFD website.  However, an organization thrives most effectively when its volunteers clearly understand what functions they are to fulfill. To this end, the Nominating Committee will be given full written descriptions of each Board Position’s duties, both monthly and by calendar year.  When soliciting nominees, these descriptions should be shared with potential candidates, and the individuals should be given ample time to reflect and consider whether they are able to accept the nomination. 


The Nominating Committee should convene in February to come up with a list of potential candidates.  This list must then be vetted with the criteria above to determine the candidates’ eligibility.


Eligible Board candidates should be approached 2 to 3 months before the May Congregational Meeting.  This gives the committee ample time to educate them on the requirements and solicit alternate candidates if necessary.  The Nominating Committee should have a confirmed slate of informed, willing candidates ready to submit to the current Board of Trustees by the first Board meeting in May.


Anyone can be nominated from the floor, as long as they are a signed member for one year.


Passing the Torch:

Members of the Nominating Committee serve a 1-year term.  For the fall, they will identify, solicit, inform and nominate candidates for their own replacement at the November Congregational Meeting. The committee should convene in August to come up with a list of potential candidates. A slate of informed, willing candidates for the new Nominating Committee should be submitted to the current Board of Trustees by the first Board meeting in November.




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