Worship & Arts

Be Involved in UUFD Worship and Arts

 The Worship and Arts Ministry Committee coordinates Sunday services, choir activities, other musical and expressive arts, special services and celebrations.

 Information about upcoming Sunday services is available here

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Worship Associates

 Worship Associates are volunteer members of the congregation who lead some of our Sunday services or assist the minister or another worship associate with Sunday services.  Worship Associates work as a team, filling in for each other as necessary, and assisting the minister and each other with ideas for readings, poetry, or sermon topics. If you are interested in becoming a Worship Associate, please view our informaiton page about our Worship Associates Program or contact the minister. 

Sunday Helpers

 The Worship and Arts committee needs volunteers for our Sunday services and the social hours following each worship service. Please fill out the "Can I Volunteer?" Form  in the Member Center Section if you can provide a Social Justice Candle Reading, serve as a techician or greeter, or supply treats and make coffee for the social hour following our service.  To confirm the dates you volunteered for, fill out the "Did I volunteer" webform.

Music and Art Groups

 If you would like to join the UUFD Choir, you can contact the Music Director, Bonnie Anderson, and plan to attend a rehearsal. Choir rehearses on Sunday morning prior to the church service at 9 AM.  If you would like to provide special music for some Sunday service, please contact Bonnie for that as well.  Email is bonnie804@gmail.com or call on her cell at 815-762-2546. Please share your talents. We enjoy all types of music and are welcoming of all levels of musicianship.