Board of Trustees


Shape the Future of UUFD by Serving on the UUFD Board of Trustees

The UUFD Board of Trustees is the governing body of our congregation. It consists of six elected positions: 


 President – 1 year term (rotates to past president):

The President has overall responsibility of  the church

President Elect – 1 year term (rotates to president):
Organizes fall leadership council meeting and fundraising, and becomes familiar with presidential duties.

Past President – 1 year term (rotates off the board):
Chairs the Nominating Committee and runs the annual canvas.

Treasurer – 2 year term:
 Maintains or provides oversight of bank account(s)/ Weekly Deposits/ Reconciliation/ Accounts Receivables and Payables/ Payroll/ Taxes/ Monthly reports to Board

Secretary – 2 year term:
Maintains Board meeting minutes/ Correspondence to Church and Board/ Recognition of Church Members

Member At Large – 2 year term: (1 position)
 Attend Board meetings, Voice of Members


Board Elections

 Elections to the Board of Trustees are held at the May congregational meeting. The Nominating Committee submits a slate of candidates, although nominations can also be made from the floor. If you are interested in serving on the Board, please contact the current President Elect, who serves as Chair of the Nominating Committee.

Board Job Descriptions

For a detailed list of board job descriptions, visit here.



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