2017-18 Ministry Committee Goals

Below are the goals and priorities that each of our ministry teams identified in their discussions during the UUFD Leadership Council Meeting on April 8, 2017.

Congregational Support and Development

  • Tap into untapped resources: We have many people who would love to help in small ways, such as giving rides or sharing meals, and we just need to communicate with them.

  • Communication tools: Key to this will be using many communication tools, from Facebook and email to texts and phone calls.

  • Expanding care: People don’t just need visits and care when they are sick. They might need a visit because they can’t travel to church, they have a young baby, or they are isolated for some reason.

  • Visitors/New UU: We would like to strengthen these areas and create more social opportunities for members and visitors, such as circle suppers.

  • Opportunities for double duty: Perhaps CS and D can partner with RE on the breakfast ministry for RE or for New UU Classes… what other partnerships would be possible?


Worship and Arts

  • Music: The choir will sing 2 times per month, and Bonnie will organize special music (solos and groups) for the other Sundays

  • Service: Maintaining regular, organized Sunday services is a priority.

  • Recruit and train: Recruiting and training worship associates.

  • Coordinating with RE: To maintain 5 intergenerational services, as well as monthly Wonder Box Sept through May.

  • Regular meetings:  these will be essential.

  • Note: The Worship Ministry Team also decided to change from Soul Matters to the Touchstone worship themes to be in sync with other area UU churches.


Lifespan Faith Development

  • Deepening groups (more adult ed)

  • New UU Classes (apparently these were listed under both LFD and CS and D) – maybe a partnership?

  • Annual sexual ethics training

  • Promote online continuing ed opportunities for adults.

  • Offer Coming of Age program every three years

  • Interfaith education and outreach (connecting with and visiting other area congregations of different faiths) for all ages

  • Twice yearly RE fundraisers


Social Justice and Outreach

  • Rethink the Pathfinder: Perhaps a quarterly publication with an advisory board. How do we differentiate from the eNews and help Beth?

  • Maintain regular activities: Hope Haven meal, special collections, WE Pantry, Social Justice Candle, etc.

  • Crisis Interventions Network: Continue discussions/connections to create DeKalb sanctuary/crisis intervention network

  • Continue study groups: Third Reconstruction as well as upcoming common reads.



  • Signage for visitors: To be more clear and welcoming.

  • Congregational work day for basement.

  • Inside building repairs:

    • Fix holes in ceiling and floor (office and kitchen)

    • New flooring in Fellowship Hall (consulting with board to get approval to use Building Our Future money)

  • Outside work: Replant flowers, remove weeds and dead tree. (Possible partnership with RE kids, who would like a summer garden project.)

  • Get a payroll service.

  • Plan Gala for Winter/Spring 2018

  • Establish timeline for fundraisers, with when, how, who: markets, usables sale, gala, bakery, butter braids, etc.