Youth and Young Adult (UU YAYA)


UU YAYA meets to build community, have fun, lend support, learn and serve together, and to give witness to our spirituality.   Age range is 13 to 39. 

We covenant to …

  • Practice Step Up, Step Back.  Meaning that we will share honestly and compassionately when someone needs to pull back, and we will invite someone to speak up or step in. 
  • Have up to (no more than) 4 regular facilitators or supporters over the age of 40 who help to build continuity and trust in the group.  And, usually no more than 2 facilitators or supporters over the age of 40 at any one meeting or event. 
  • Observe limited confidentiality.  Be responsible for your own level of sharing and remember that you can ask that something be held in confidence.
  • No posting of group sharing on social media sites.
  • Steer clear of trash talk and sub-grouping against or about another group member.
  • Practice Ouch!!- Oops.  Sometimes someone says or does something that hurts -- Usually not on purpose.  Don’t ignore it.  Acknowledge it and work together to understand it.  
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