Summer Art Camp

Embark on an adventure filled with art and social justice teachings at UUFD

Drawing on the success of our first Summer Art Camp in 2015,  UUFD will offer a four-session summer art camp each summer. Over the course of four Sundays, our RE children will learn about (1) the techniques of several famous artists, (2) how to create their own art using similar techiniques, and (3) how interdependence, creativity, and passion inspire art as well as help our world. We will teach children to approach both art and the world with curiosity instead of judgment.

Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.” --Albert Einstein

Coming June - July, 2016
Sundays, 10:00 to 11:30 a.m.

On the first Sunday, June 5, we will be learning about a Japanese artist, Katsushika Hokusai and print making. Our young artists will gain an appreciation for using different tools to create a picture from their minds.

On the second Sunday, June 12 (wonder box), we will focus on Palmer Hayden, a painter from the Harlem Renaissance. Our young artists will learn about how Palmer depicted African-American life, landscapes and how he used his cultural surrounding as inspiration. Our young artists will learn to use their surroundings and cultural background to use as a positive expression in their life.

On the third Sunday, June 19, we will focus on realist painter Edward Hopper. We will encourage our young artists to see ever changing world around them. We will go outside to encourage our children to paint their surroundings with differing perspectives.

On the fourth Sunday, June 28 (wonder box), we will focus on Hannah Hoch. She is best known for her photo montage and challenging gender norms. Our children will delve into creating their own photo montage and form the person that will uplift true gender equality in the world we live in.

On Sunday July 3, mark your calendars for the BIG DAY! Our UU young artists will present their amazing art work at the Art Exhibition.

Questions? Please contract our Director of Religious Studies, Gladys Sanchez, at


Color in the Lines

A Short Story by Gladys Sanchez

There once was a young artist named Grace. Grace loved art. She would go to sleep thinking about art and wake up wanting to create. Grace really loved coloring sheets and she was so talented! Her teachers, friends and parents noticed that Grace did a fabulous job staying in the lines. They always reminded her: “Don’t forget to color inside the lines.” Grace knew that she could stay in the lines and did everything she could to stay in the lines. Her mother would buy her coloring sheets and would praise her for her good coloring and staying in the lines. At school, she was so awesome at staying in the lines that her teacher even made a certificate reading: To Grace: The BEST girl in class to stay in the LINES on a coloring sheet. Until one day, Grace really wanted to use her imagination and she asked her mother for a blank sheet of paper. Her mother was shocked and asked, “Honey, are you sure? You just received an award for the best girl in class to stay in the lines on a coloring sheet!” Grace said confidently and passionately, “Yes, I just want to express myself! Can I please get a blank sheet of paper?” Luckily, her mother was a very supportive and open minded Unitarian Universalist and she said: Yes, of course, Grace, your imagination is important! In fact, instead of just getting a blank sheet of paper, her mother introduced her to a new world of art. Her mother showed her that she could use pinecones to create textures on paper, how to blend colors just using your fingers, and told her, “In art, you have the freedom to create your own rules and you don’t HAVE to color in the lines.”

Here at UUFD, we get a CHOICE; we can color inside the lines OR create your art your own way!

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