Frequently Asked Questions about our Children's Religious Education Program


What will my child(ren) be taught?

The purpose of the UUFD children's religious education program is to foster the spiritual growth of our children. Structured to be appropriate to different developmental levels, our program is centered on five pillars that are the foundation of our children's religious education experience. These are:

  • Unitarian Universalist Identity and History

  • Care for the Mother Earth
  • Social Justice

  • World Religions and Cultures

  • Spiritual Health and Practice

Who teaches the classes?

Classes are taught by our Director of Religious Education and/or trained volunteers. Some volunteer teachers are parents of children and youth currently enrolled in our classes, and others are members of the congregation at large.

How much do classes cost?

There is no fee for participating in our Lifespan Faith Development Program because it is supported by the congregation as a whole through its operating budget. However, parents are asked to pledge financial support as they are able to the annual stewardship campaign and volunteer on a regular basis as teachers and/or classroom assistants and as leaders or helpers for "faith in acton" activities and special events. 

How do I volunteer?

Ashley Ford is our Religious Education Administrator and coordinates volunteers.  You can sign up with her during Fellowship Hour or email ashley@peregrin.org.  Click here for additional information on volunteer roles.

When are classes taught?

 Classes are held concurrently with our Sunday Services beginning at 10:00 AM.

How do I register my child(ren) for religious education classes?

Registration forms are available from Ashley Ford and on the UUFD website.

Do I have to stay in the room with my child during classes?

Parents are welcome to stay in the classroom but are not required to do so. Occasionally, a young child will have difficulty separating from his or her parent. In that case, the parent(s) and teachers can decide together whether it’s best for the parent to stay. If your child develops a need for your help, someone will come to get you.

How can I find out more about what’s going on in my child’s class?

Parents are encouraged to talk with the teachers before and after class. In addition, parents can often find  photos, news, and class artwork on display in the Fellowship Hall.

How can we meet other families?

There are a variety of opportunities for UUFD families to socialize together. These include our monthly LFD Potluck dinners and our monthly afternoon "Grown-Ups Table." Families are also encouraged to participate in our children's "Faith in Action" projects. For announcements of upcoming activities, please check out the UUFD website calendar, the UUFD Facebook page, Weekly E-News, monthly Pathfinder newsletter, or flyers posted on our  bulletin board in the Fellowship  Hall.

How can I find out more about religious education at UUFD?

Our Director of Religious Education, Gladys Sanchez (dre@uufdekalb.org) or Religious Education Administrator, Ashley Ford (ashley@peregrin.org) will be happy to talk with you and your family to answer your questions about Unitarian Universalist religious education and how you can get involved.

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