Touchstones Monthly Journal

In 2017, UUFD began using Touchstones monthly worship themes. Touchstones provides UUFD -- as well as other UU churches around the country -- with a set of readings and other worship and religious education materials each month. The materials are related to a monthly theme, which guides our worship leaders as they prepare services.
We share here the monthly Touchstones Journals. We invite you to read, reflect upon, and share your thoughts about the journal with other UUFD members and friends. We hope these monthly themed resources will enable us to have deep conversations and strengthen our spirituality and community.
Hard copies of the monthly Touchstones Journal are also available in the magazine rack just inside the entrance to UUFD.

May 2018: Beloved Community
April 2018: Tranformation
March 2018: Humility
February 2018: Love
January 2018: Justice
December 2017: Hope
November 2017: Faith
October 2017: Hospitality
September 2017: Beauty
August 2017: Ambiguity and Paradox