Spirit Journey Groups

 You are invited to join the 

UUFD Spirit Journey Deepening Group

based on Soul Matters UU congregational themes.  

Unitarian Universalist congregations all over the U.S. are participating in Spirit Journey Groups. Once a month UUs come together to reflect and talk about the Soul Matters themes that our Worship Associate leaders and Religious Education leaders use to enhance our spiritual development. Rev. Linda will host the first Spirit Journey group for the UUFD 2015-2016 church year on Sunday, September 27 at 1:00 p.m. If you would like to participate or be a co-leader, please contact the church office at office@uufdekalb.org or see Rev. Linda. The packet of readings for each month is available at: http://www.uufdekalb.org/lifelong-learning/adults/spirit-packets

The 2015-16 Soul Matters Themes ask us to explore, what does it mean to be a people of ...

Sep: Invitation (Welcome)

Oct: Letting Go (Surrender)

Nov: Ancestry (Roots)

Dec: Expectation (Promise)

Jan: Resistance (Struggle)

Feb: Desire (Wanting)

Mar: Liberation (Freedom)

Apr: Creation

May: Blessing

June: Simplicity

Spirit Journey Groups are groups of 8-12 people who gather once each month, from September though June, for about 90 minutes each time.  The groups engage with the spiritual theme selected for each month, sharing the work and thinking they've been doing on the theme over the first three weeks of the month, learning, supporting and connecting with each other, and growing in faith and community.  Spirit Journey Groups are the best way to engage the conversation we are having as a group of UU congregations and to meet other Unitarian Universalists.