Enlightenment Discussion Group

UUFD Enlightenment Group

The UUFD Enlightenment Group will be meeting weekly Thursday evenenings from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. in the UUFD library.

Here is a message from the group’s organizer, Arthur Shimkus:

Enlightenment is the substratum of all states. It is who we really are. We think we are finite beings subject to anxiety, fear, depression, misery, illness, death, etc. But we are in fact the Infinite experiencing Itself as the finite. The Enlightening process is the conscious awakening to the Reality of who we truly are--the Infinite Spirit.

Meditate on your Self.

Honor your Self.

Worship your Self.

Understand your own Self.

Love your own Self.

God dwells within you as you.

 In the first meeting we will discuss what Enlightenment is and its benefits. We will also discuss the following theme for the next few classes: "The Unreality of Death, Loss and Grief" and the book Already Here by Leo Galland M.D.

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