2018-19 Social Justice Team Members

Committee Co-Chairs: Dorothy Coleman and Jack Reich

Board Liaison: Vanstrom Dracul

UUA/UUSC/UUANI Liaison: Jack Reich

Hope Haven: Maylan Dunn-Kenny

CROP Walk: - Maylan Dunn-Kenny and Dan Kenny

WE Pantry: Beth Shewe,  with help from Kris Olsen, Ed, Bonnie, Dawn A. and Eric W., Chris Miguel, and sometimes Florence and Peter Gerlach.

Green Sanctuary Coordinator- Virginia Wilcox, with team members Carey Boehmer, Corey Parhum, Will Ireland, Donna Vennamen

SJ Discussion Group Planning: Sumiko, Dorothy, Jack, Rev. Jenn

Special Collections Coordinator: - Dorothy Coleman

Welcoming Western Counties Liaison:-Dave Becker

SJ Magazine Basket: Sumiko Keay, for periodic culling and oversight for appropriate donations

UUFD-SJC Google Group: Jack Reich, Owner, Carey Boehmer, Manager

2019-2020 Farmer’s Market Coordinators:

General Oversight: Dorothy (or anyone who’d like to take her place!)

Publicity: Office Manager (Kathryn), Dorothy Coleman, Roberto Merwin (Publicity Flyer)

Vendor Contact: Office Manager

Book Sale:  Beau Anderson, Danica Lovings

Bake Sale and Soup: Maylan Dunn-Kenny, Mary von Zellen

Tech and Music Coordinators: Carey Boehmer and Dave Kolar

Money Counter: Virginia Wilcox

Admissions Tables: Bonnie Freedman? (4 in all  are needed) ……

Set Up and Take Down Coordinators: Dorothy and Carey

Outreach Coordinators:

E-News: Office Manager

E-News Announcements on FB - Dorothy

Social Justice Announcements on FB - Dorothy and Dave Becker

Website and Facebook-Will Ireland, Office Manager,  Dorothy Coleman, Dave Becker, Rev. Jenn, Jen Stamatakos, and, as willing, Ministry Committee Chairs

Building Sign:  Diane Johns for now on a monthly basis, but we are are looking for a replacement willing to update the sign on a weekly basis